Training & Workshops

Experience shows that many company staff assigned to work on a bid often have no previous experience and they have little or no training in writing proposals. This can result in much wasted time and poor propositions and responses.

We can provide guidance and set best practice through on-the-job training and coaching for writers and contributors. Our range of workshops for 6-16 staff will help your organisation develop a better understanding of what is required in preparing and submitting successful bids.

Training and Workshops

1. The purpose of a proposal
This short workshop is designed for staff who are new to bids and proposals. It considers what suppliers hope to achieve in submitting a proposal and what the client organisation expects to see. It covers the process and terminology used in bidding in the private and public sectors.

2. Win strategy and executive summaries
Good Executive Summaries derive directly from effective Win Strategy Sessions.

This workshop takes the team through challenging Win Strategy sessions that will lead to creating a first-draft Executive Summary.

It demonstrates how to turn information about the client and the competition into clear messages that drive the whole proposal.

3. Concepts and storyboards
Experience shows that Bid Teams sometimes don’t know where to start writing a proposal. Often they cut and paste ‘boilerplate’ from old proposals – a practice obvious to clients. This workshop offers simple methods for conceptualising effective proposals, developing credible content and taking control of manageable reviews and well-timed production.

4. Layout, typography and graphics
The importance of ‘look and feel’ is under-estimated. Good layout and compelling graphics add credibility and persuade the reader. This workshop looks at page layouts for proposals, principles of readability in typography and how to identify the ingredients of a successful graphic. It also shows how packaging and collateral can enhance your bidding.

5. Creating and writing client-focused text
Many bid workers and subject matter experts say writing for proposals is very difficult.

While writing proposals is a specialist skill, there are techniques that anyone can acquire with time and effort. This workshop raises the team’s awareness of client-focused proposal writing. It gives practical exercises and clear guidelines to help staff develop their writing skills.

6. Reviewing, editing and proof reading
Proposals frequently lack clarity and credible content. A big criticism from clients is that suppliers often ‘don’t answer the question’. This workshop demonstrates the difference between three essential tasks frequently misunderstood by bid teams. It gives guidelines and instruction on how teams can review, edit and proof read to create better proposals.

7. Effective techniques for proof reading
Everyone says they proof read – but clients continually receive proposals full of simple errors that confuse the message. Proof reading must be done at the right time by someone not involved in that proposal. This workshop will train selected staff in your organisation to proof read as a dedicated resource or when they are not engaged on the current bid.