Proposal Writers provides support and expertise for companies who are involved in bids and tenders. Generally this is for new or repeat contracts to supply customers with products and services. We offer in-depth experience of managing and writing bids and proposals across a range of industries – public sector and private sector.

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We help Senior Management bring structure and metrics to bidding across the organisation.

This may be by an initial evaluation of recent bids and proposals – then creating targets and deliverables for ongoing improvement. It can also be by establishing some best practice through training, coaching and workshops.

We help Sales teams organise their strategy for individual opportunities. This can involve running live workshops to identify the customer’s real issues and to develop clear ideas on how to differentiate from the competitors. The output from an effective strategy workshop usually forms the basis of a compelling Executive Summary.

We help Bid Teams develop their bids and structure their proposals.This may be achieved by running storyboarding workshops and offering coaching for writers and contributors. But we also work on ‘the inside’, managing and writing live bids as part of your team. We know that bids can be compromised by lack of resources and shortage of time. So, we get right in there and help drive the bid forward.

All this can be working at your premises and spread across a few days, a few weeks or as long as you require to achieve your business objectives. Every bid is different.