Bid Management & Writing

When you are preparing a bid and submitting a proposal, you are under pressure to complete a credible submission in the time available. If you are bidding in the public sector, you generally have longer lead times than in the private sector. Nevertheless, the pressure to complete effectively can be a strain on time and resources.

We offer in-depth experience of managing and writing bids and proposals across a range of industries – public sector and private sector. Our approach is to help management, sales and bid teams create an effective strategy and develop a plan for submitting a credible and successful bid on time.

Bid Management

We list here some of the tools and techniques we use as individual components or in any configuration to suit your organisation:

Strategy workshops – We run a strategy workshop to help you ascertain your chances of being successful in the current bid. We help management and sales, technical and bid teams identify differentiators that will shape a clear bid plan and a compelling proposition.

Proposal storyboarding sessions – We run these sessions to help define the proposal structure and to help control the quantity and quality of proposal content that sales people, technical architects and subject matter experts will contribute.

Analysing the RFP and ITT – Proper analysis of the Request for Proposal or Invitation to Tender is the key to writing compelling answers and credible proposals. Your bid can ride or fall on the strength of individual answers. Evaluators will score you down on poor answers, giving the competition significant advantage.

Executive Summaries – A short and compelling draft Executive Summary will be one of the deliverables from the Strategy Workshop. It’s a well-known fact that decision makers spend only a few minutes scanning an Executive Summary and this may be the only part of your proposal that decision maker will see.

Key messaging – One of the secrets of successful proposal writing is the ability to propagate key messages of the Executive Summary throughout the remaining pages of the proposal.Some concepts and messages that did not appear in the Executive Summary have an important role in the body of the proposal.

Writers’ Guide – We recommend creating a Writers’ Guide for your bid teams to adopt universally or that is specific to your current bid. Certain elements of style and writing should be adopted for each individual customer and opportunity. Reviewing and editing are also important skills that we will promote in your bid teams.

Effective visual presentation – The power of visual presentation cannot be underestimated. Of course, what you say is most important but making your proposal visually appealing is critical. We help you make your ideas, concepts and propositions more compelling and more memorable with good graphics and clear page layout.

Proof reading – Our experience shows that an amazing number of supplier companies send out proposals with simple errors or ‘typos’. Your customers may consider you incompetent if you submit a proposal with any errors. We have an effective proof reading process that can be implemented in your organisation to protect you from this embarrassment.

We also recommend running Solution or Technical Workshops where appropriate. These help create easy-to-read solution or technical summaries for non-technical staff in the customer organisation. Short pricing and commercial summaries can also be created.